We welcome all applicants for competent attorneys, para-legals and support staff positions by sending your letter of intention with resume plus your photo by e-mail to: cintarasupa@cicspartners.com.

In the light of our policy of selection, only shortlist candidates who possess qualifications which are of interest to our firm Hiring Committee are contacted for interview.

Opportunity for Law Students: EAST MEETS WEST

CICS & Partners Ltd is recognized prestigious local law firms providing legal service to foreigners doing business in Thailand, are now looking for undergrad law students who are native English speakers studying at a Thai public law school.

The ideal candidate would be from the US, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand and here as part of an exchange program and looking to gain more experience at a recognized local law firm.

This position offers candidates a unique opportunity to gain experience in the areas of commercial, corporate, and international business transaction law amidst enjoyable environment where East meets West.

For more info or to apply, please e-mail to cintarasupa@cicspartners.com.